Walker County StormReady helping save lives in a potential natural weather disaster

WALKER COUNTY, Georgia (WDEF) – Walker County has taken another step in continuing to protect its residents during extreme weather events.

Walker County is now designated as a StormReady county by the National Weather Service.

“We would have notifications going out and our outdoor sirens depending on what location it is and then reverse 911 what’s going to affect. The 911, of course, would be receiving the calls in and dispatching out of our emergency services to whatever response,” said Walker County EMA Deputy Director Curtis Creekmur.

The four-year designation provides continued recognition of the county’s efforts to reach a high level of severe weather preparedness.

Creekmur said this training the county has received allows people to react efficiently and save lives.

“Just the knowledge and know-how on how to respond in those situations Will help save lives and then our response to that emergency if it’s not delayed then you save more lives,” said Creekmur.

As part of being a StormReady county, they have extra volunteers who are trained to help during a potential natural weather disaster.

“We participate in a service program that educates our community and they are our volunteers. We train them to be first responders in their household and they’re better prepared to then help their neighbors while our emergency services are marking our way out through the storms to those communities,” said Creekmur.

In addition, Walker County has access to the Facebook Local Alert system, which shares weather alerts in the newsfeed of every Facebook user in Walker County.

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