Walker County Sued By Erlanger Health System

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – The massive debt owed by Hutcheson Medical Center has lead to another lawsuit.
Erlanger Health System is suing Walker County to try and get the money back.
Both Walker and Catoosa Counties agreed to a 20 million dollar loan from Erlanger to keep Hutcheson open.
The lawsuit says Catoosa County is cooperating with Erlanger to pay back the money, but Walker County is not.
The issue is already being argued in Bankruptcy Court.
Stuart James is the special counsel for Walker County.
James is surprised by this latest court action.
"Before your first lawsuit against the Hospital Authority went into bankruptcy court, I was communicating with your attorneys on discovery issues, and you know that I’m here. You know that I’ve been in bankruptcy court, and before filing this lawsuit, you haven’t communicated with me about what Walker County is willing to do or not do."
Stuart James also doesn’t understand why Catoosa County is not getting sued.
Erlanger Health System released a statement saying that nothing has changed.
Officials say Erlanger loaned Hutcheson $20 million dollars, and Erlanger intends to recover that money.

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