Walker County Town Hall promotes two upcoming developments

Chairman Shannon Whitfield, Sen. Jeff Mullis believe county residents will benefit in coming years

WALKER COUNTY, Georgia (WDEF) — The Walker Co. Government hosted a town hall meeting tonight to discuss updates on two major community developments.

Local politicians believe county residents will only benefit from them.

County Chairman Shannon Whitfield says he’s heard from some in the community saying they still use dial-up modems for their internet.

For that reason and more, Kinetic by Windstream announced they have already begun installing new fiber lines for faster internet speeds throughout the county.

More than 3-thousand homes are set to be impacted.

Kinetic’s Michael Foor hopes to see the project completed by 2024.

Immediately following that presentation, county residents then heard from the folks at the Scenic Land Company — the parent company of the McLemore resort in Rising Fawn.

Company President Duane Horton announced hundreds of job openings for those in the local community at a new and upcoming 245-room resort hotel, conference center and spa.

With these two developments already in motion, local politicians are beyond optimistic for the future of Walker County.

“Have you ever heard of Reynolds Plantation, now called Reynolds Resort?” asked Sen. Jeff Mullis. “That was in a poor county, Greene County, 35 years ago. Now it’s wealthy. I think that’s exactly what’s going to happen here.”

“Just within about two years, we’ll have this broadband internet that will be turnkey, fully operational. McLemore will be open and going. We will see a positive change in Walker County that Walker County’s probably not seen since electricity came to our county,” Whitfield said.

Whitfield says he expects to see “an explosion of opportunities” coming out of Walker County over the next few years.

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