Walker County Weighs in on Georgia Reopening Businesses

WALKER COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF)- On Monday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp approved a that a variety of non-essential businesses can open this week.
Starting Friday, April 24th, salons, barber shops, gyms, fitness centers and other businesses are set to to open back up but not all business owners are happy.
“I’m not sure how you can go from being quarantined to ‘Don’t go anywhere’ to ‘hey let’s go to the gym and go bowling” said Lora Sartin-Price.
Price and her mother owns a hair salon in Walker County Georgia.
She believes there is a better way to handle opening back up the economy.
“To me it seems like there should be a soft opening and I’m not saying that all salons should be closed. I’m not saying that at all.”
The President if the Walker County Chamber of Commerce Lacey Wilson says the reopening it is meant to relieve financial stress for businesses, “They weren’t able to file for unemployment right away. They weren’t able to access some of the business grants. Based on their structure and payroll.”
Businesses must follow strict guidelines as they open.
Screening workers for fever and respiratory illnesses, enhanced sanitation, social distancing and more are required by owners and managers.
With non-essential businesses set to open on Friday, church leaders believe religious institutions should have the same opportunities to open as well.
“We have a constitutional right to be open and the constitution trumps their law” said Steve Moss, Pastor of Happy Valley Bible Believers Church.
Moss says his congregation should expect to walk through the doors on Sunday.
Dine-in restaurants, private social clubs and theaters will open Monday, April 27th.
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