Walker Vs Warnock still too close to call

Republicans sweep other races in Georgia

ATLANTA, Georgia (WDEF) – Republicans swept a slate of state races today, except for one that is still too close to call.

Republican Herschel Walker hangs on to a very think lead, but remains below the threshold for a runoff.

It could be the early morning hours before we have an outcome.

But the Republican promised his followers tonight that when they wake up tomorrow, he will be their new Governor.

” I’m like Ricky Bobby, I don’t come to lose.”

In the other races, Governor Brian Kemp has held a comfortable margin to win a second race over Stacey Abrams. (She conceded around 11:15 PM)

Lt. Governor Burt Jones and Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger led a Republican sweep of the other state races.

In northwest Georgia, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene easily won re-election , doubling the votes of Democratic challenger Marcus Flowers.

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