Wall Collapses, Cars Damaged Downtown Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Part of a building collapsed Thursday morning in Downtown Chattanooga.

The Chattanooga Fire Department (CFD) says one car was crushed by fallen bricks. Lindsey Rogers, the public information officer with the Chattanooga Fire Department, said, “Around 11:30 this morning, our units responded here to 27 West Main Street. 9-1-1 was receiving multiple reports of a structural collapse.”

Two other cars were damaged by the bricks, they say.

The CFD says there were no injuries.

Rogers said, “There were folks in one of the cars parked in the street when the building came down. Thankfully they were not injured. This incident could have been very dangerous. This is downtown Chattanooga, we know how much people like to get out and exercise, ride their bikes, jog, walk. It was right around lunchtime, so folks could have been going from and to lunch. We are very grateful that when this did occur that there were no serious injuries or any injuries at all for that matter.”

The damage occurred on the south side of downtown Chattanooga. An investigation is ongoing into the cause of the collapse. This will be done by the Chattanooga Building Inspection Office.

The cause is unknown, but weather possibly may be a factor as a line of storms was passing through Downtown Chattanooga at the time of the collapse. The Chattanooga Fire Department says they don’t anticipate any issues with neighboring buildings on Main Street collapsing at this time.

Rogers added, “The construction company will be responsible for the loose bricks you see here at the corners. They will be responsible for getting rid of any concerning or loose areas.”

The CFD says the location is vacant and a construction site. No construction workers were present at the time of the collapse according to CFD.

Main Street had to be shut down from Market Street to Williams Street for the duration of the cleanup.

As crews continue to clean up the scene, the sidewalk in front of the 27 Main Street Building will continue to be closed to pedestrian traffic.

Downtown Damage

A destroyed car after a brick wall fell on it on Main Street Thursday morning. (Courtesy: Chattanooga Fire Department)

Downtown Damage 2

from Chattanooga Fire Department

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