Walmart Neighborhood Market Comes To Fort Oglethorpe

FORT OGLETHORPE-(WDEF)-Wednesday morning crowds welcomed their new Walmart neighborhood market.

It is a quarter the size of a regular Walmart and focuses heavily on family grocery options.

Walmart brought the mini store concept to shoppers  to give them quick checkouts with less crowds.

Shoppers of all ages say they are incredibly excited by the new Walmart and feel it will bring extra competition to north Georgia.

Shopper Wilma Forster,"Its closer to our house and we like Walmart, that’s the first thing he says when he gets up in the morning you wanna go to Walmart."

"Well I would love to come because I love cakes you know and prescriptions has the drive through and it’s just awesomely convenient," added Nakia Wright.

The store off Battlefield Parkway provides  95 full and part time jobs.

Casey Robertson, Store Manager,"There will be more of these coming, this is a large expansion for the company, we are building more there will  be more coming in the area.

Economics writer Daniel Kline has studied the impact Walmart neighborhood markets have on communities.

"What Walmart does is it forces the other big competitors, the Targets, the supermarket chains to lower prices and yes if there is a glut of labor Walmart is not going pay very well but at the point if there’s demand Walmart has to pay higher just like everyone else."

Klein added that other grocery stores and fresh produce providers may have to work harder because of the neighborhood market.
     He pointed to Target having to pull out of Canada as an example.

The store will offer 7 million items and is located just down the road from Fort O’s Walmart super center.

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