Wamp Doubles Down on NAACP Stance

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — This morning, the NAACP filed a complaint against District Attorney candidate Coty Wamp for comments she made Tuesday night.

“The NAACP has accomplished some great things in the last 100 years, but one of them is NOT the way they treat law enforcement,” said Wamp.

Reverend Anne Jones Pierre of the local NAACP chapter responded, clarifying the organization’s stance on policing.

“The NAACP is not against the police. The NAACP works with the police in various avenues,” said Jones Pierre.

The organization also took issue with Wamp’s statement regarding crime statistics on their website.

“They have the statistics about how many African Americans are shot by police every year, but they don’t have the statistics on how many African Americans are shot by African Americans or about how many police officers are shot by anybody,” said Wamp.

“If you take that information out of context, it will show a situation that really does not exist.

This afternoon, Wamp doubled down on her opposition to the NAACP’s stance on law enforcement.

“The bottom line is this — I could not attend an NAACP forum on Tuesday. I mentioned that at the event and also indicated, as I have a hundred times, that I am not really, I am not on board with the NAACP’s stance against law enforcement,” said Wamp.

Wamp said she supports the Black Community, but Anne Jones Pierre is concerned with her statement.

“It really bothers me, and it frightens me, that you would have someone that’s in a high office that has control over people, to have an attitude that they can’t work with the NAACP,” said Jones Pierre.

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