Wamps, Graham, Mott and Judge Webb highlight local election stories

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – On a night with many political suspicions confirmed by the voters of Hamilton County, we did see one upset and one amazing close race.

But the big story is the Wamp family in Hamilton County politics.

Both the son and daughter of former Congressman Zach Wamp will now lead important branches of local government.

And both did it convincingly.

Republican Weston Wamp defeated Democrat Matt Adams.

Weston Total

History shows that once you win this job, you keep it for awhile. His predecessors had long reigns.

Jim Coppinger 2011-2022

Claude Ramsey 1995-2011

The mayor (formerly County Executive) is the top financial officer of Hamilton County.

Coty Wamp

Republican Coty Wamp defeated John Allen Brooks by a similar margin. (She did get more votes than her brother for the Thanksgiving dinner bragging rights).

She is Hamilton County’s first female District Attorney.

Coty Numbers

After the results came in, Wamp talked about working with her brother in government, and why it probably won’t be as complicated as many people think.


The upset of election day was for Hamilton County Sessions Court Judge.

Larry Ables unseated Judge Gerald Webb Jr.

Judge Webb Results

The closest race from Thursday in the new district created for the Hamilton County Commission

Republican Joe Graham won the race over Democrat Montrell Besley by just 30 votes.

Graham Numbers

And finally, local activist Marie Mott won herself a seat at Chattanooga’s City Council.

She will finish out the term of Anthony Byrd.

Mott defeated the interim Council member, Marvene Noel.

Marie Mott Numbers


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