WanderLinger Brewing Co. commits to product sustainability

Local brewery ready to make green impact in Chattanooga in 2022

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – It’s not uncommon for some in Chattanooga to want to end their night with a cold, refreshing beer.

But at WanderLinger Brewing Company, the staff is not only committed to serving their various brews to thirsty locals, they’re also serving their community in a way that they hope gives back for many years to come.

Opened back in 2018, the staff at WanderLinger Brewing Co. has gone completely compostable. Everything from the plates their food is served on to the cups holding their craft beer is made from 100% compostable materials. In a press release from the company, the brewery further revealed that they are also using “cutlery, paper towels and napkins” of the same fashion.

For co-owner Mike Dial, this has always been the mission.

“Trying to be sustainable in various ways has been our goal since the beginning and we’ve tried to do that through various means,” Dial said. “We try to use post-consumer recycled materials in our canning. The plastic six-pack holders are made of 100% recycled material.”

Partnering up with local company New Terra Compost, both businesses have committed to keeping waste out of the local landfill.

“I actually did their first large event,” said WanderLinger Executive Chef Carolyn Foley. “That was the Get Off the Grid Fest. I catered that event. That happened in June. So, as both a new kitchen and a new composting business, we were very excited to join forces.”

Both Foley and Dial are excited about their sustainability efforts, with the former saying she was all in from the second her kitchen opened.

“I absolutely wanted to be a trendsetter,” Foley said. “I want to be a reason why people in the area go, ‘Oh, well, if they can do it, then what’s our hold up?’ That was one of my thoughts behind getting this to go all the way throughout the entire restaurant and for the brewery. I want people to get onboard on this wagon.”

The brewery will be celebrating its fourth birthday later this year and hopes that in the next four years, some other local businesses may perhaps join the community and compost for a cause.



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