Warning for Volunteer Fire Departments about financial oversight

State found a VFD chief's son got his dad's debit card and withdrew cash that belonged to the department

ADAMSVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – The Tennessee comptroller has a message for volunteer fire departments after an investigation in McNairy County.

“It’s important that volunteer fire departments provide oversight over their finances,” said Comptroller Jason Mumpower. “In this situation, a simple review and reconciliation of the department’s bank statements might have detected this improper activity sooner.”

The case involves the Leapwood Volunteer Fire Department.

They found that the chief was issued a debit card for their account.

But his son, who is also a member of the department, intercepted the card and the pin number when the bank sent it in the mail.

Auditors say the son withdrew $12,087 from the VFD account in the next two months.

Only after being presented with a bank photo of him withdrawing money from an ATM, did he confess.

There will be no criminal case because the firefighter died six months later.

But the family could still be liable for the money in a civil proceedings.

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