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Warning: more fake movie money bills in North Georgia

Police warn the public not to fall for the fake bills

CEDARTOWN, Georgia (WDEF) – The word and the bills are spreading about fake money in our region.

The latest warning comes from the Cedartown Police Department in Georgia.

But we’ve seen cases from the North Carolina mountains into Tennessee and northwest Georgia.

The bills are used as props in movies and are clearly marked it you look.

The trouble is many people are not looking.

The warning:

“They are marketed as training money for motion picture use or motion picture props. The general appearance of these articles is convincing, and some have been successfully passed.”

Cedartown police say that not everyone passing the fake bills now knows that they are fake (they may have gotten them with legit bills in a legit transaction).

Cedartown PD is asking that consumers, citizens, and retailers be vigilant when dealing with cash during transactions.

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