Warrior Freedom Service Dog aided by veterans

FLINTSTONE, Georgia (WDEF)- Americans rely on the military to protect our freedoms.

Then soldiers become veterans sometimes they need to rely on service animals so it’s important for those animals to have that training and a place to be trained.

Warrior Freedom Service Dogs trains dogs to become service animals to help veterans in need.

Power home remodeling is building a new building for Warrior freedom service dogs organization to provide more space for the service training.

Still is a veteran himself and he as well as numerous other veterans and spouses say they are blessed to be able to provide for other veterans.

“It’s special and unique and my transition getting out of the army was nothing short of difficult and to be able to be here and plant treats under shade will never be able to sit just being able to impact the veteran community is something I’m incredibly passionate about,” said Clayton Still.

Keith didn’t serve in the military but is serving veterans now as a civilian.

The Power veterans initiative is meant to help veterans harness their skills as well as regain a sense of purpose and community they had in the military.

“This is what these weekends are about to continue to develop and serve those who serve our country,” said Still.

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