Washing away the snow and salt

Chattanooga, Tenn. (WDEF) — This snowy weather we’ve been seeing can take a toll on our cars.

That’s why local car washes keep extra busy over the winter months.

Goo-Goo 3 Minute Express Wash on Gunbarrel Road saw a steady stream of customers throughout the day.

They expect even more folks over the next couple of days as the snow melts, and temperatures rise.

Workers here say it’s a good idea to clean off all the salt, snow and mud from your car to keep it in good condition.

“Especially with the salt. Salt’s not good. It’s not good for metals. It’s also not good for the paint. That’s why, you know, there’s such thing as a car wash. Keep them clean, make them look nice,” says Anthony Spoel, a car wash attendant at Goo-Goo 3 Minute Express Wash.

Workers recommend getting your car waxed in the winter, as well.

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