Watch Your Purse! DPD is asking for help looking for a Purse Snatcher

DALTON, Ga. (DPD Press Release)- The Dalton Police Department is asking for the public’s help with identifying a woman who stole a purse from a shopping cart at Walmart after apparently trying to cash checks written to other people.

The suspect was recorded on store surveillance.

purse-walmart-2The incident happened around noon on December 26th at the Shugart Road Walmart location.

The victim left her purse sitting in the front of her shopping cart while browsing the store.

When the victim decided to leave without buying anything, she realized that her purse was missing.

The purse contained approximately $100 in cash as well as the victim’s bank cards, a check book, and the victim’s AARP card.

A review of the store’s surveillance shows that a woman took the victim’s purse from her cart before leaving the store quickly.

The woman left in a white early-to-mid-2000’s Ford Focus which was parked in one of the handicapped spots near the store entrance.

The suspect has shoulder length brown hair that was pulled back in a ponytail and she wore a long-sleeved shirt with green sleeves and jeans.

Further investigation of the store’s surveillance system showed the suspect going to the Customer Service Center before the theft.

purse-walmart-2The suspect attempted to cash a $4,000 check and an $8,000 check that were made out to two different people, but the clerk refused to cash the checks because the suspect’s ID was not for either name.

The suspect presented a Georgia ID to the clerk, who did not remember the name. The clerk told an investigator that one of the checks was likely a social security check.

Anyone who can identify this suspect or who has any information about this crime is asked to please contact Detective Jacob Burger at 706-278-9085, dial 9 and enter extension 325.

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