Waterfront Construction During Riverbend

     Construction on Chattanooga’s Riverfront has been going on since December and was supposed to be complete by May 1st.
     But you’ll still be able to see signs of it during this year’s Riverbend festival.
        "When we found out they would not be completely finished, they did everything they could to accommodate us," said festival director Chip Baker.
    The Tennessee River has leaked into the foundation soil under Ross’s Landing, washing parts of it away and causing it to sink about six inches.
    Public Works director Lee Noris says the heavy spring rains put a delay on construction and they’re putting things on hold again so the festival can go on.
      "We kept working until the last minute or the contractor did and we set a specific point when he got to that point we were shutting down so he’s done that.  He’s pulled his fences back to give as much room to the Riverbend Spectators as possible," Norris said.
The people affected the most by the construction are some of the boaters docked at the hard edge of the waterfront.
They won’t be able to have access to electricity this year.
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