Weekly CPD crime briefing

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – During this week’s Chattanooga Police crime briefing, Chief Celeste Murphy shared the department has seen success in their robbery initiative.

The CPD traveled to 30 different local business as part of the robbery initiative this week to educate owners and employees on what to look for and how to react in the case of robbery.

This week there were 4 robberies with 5 arrests. Chief Murphy said most personal robberies happen after dark and with the time change now in effect its best to travel in groups

“There’s also people setting up to sell goods amongst each other whether it be through social media apps, those type of things. Those things are safer if you go to maybe meet someone at a police precinct or a fire station, something like that. A place where there’s others there as well. Somewhere well lit with a camera system there. Try not to meet people that you don’t know online in the common area somewhere that’s safer,” said Murphy

Porch pirates are also a concern this time of year. Chief Murphy said there are individuals who will follow behind a mail van or UPS truck and grab packages off of people’s porches.

“Be a good neighbor right, so with the uptick of online shopping, you have a lot of deliveries. So, when you see your neighbors have a packaged delivered keep an eye on it for them. Look for unfamiliar vehicles in your neighborhood. Just be watching,” said Murphy. “And use scheduled delivery when its an option. Some of those companies actually have offices where you can have your orders to be sent to and you pick it up from there in person as opposed to having things left on your property unattended.”

Overall violent crime is down from this time last year. 



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