Weezer Black Album promoted on Fortnite island

When Season 8 of Fortnite launched on February 28, a volcano appeared on the Fortnite island and. At the same time, ninjas and pirates showed up to fight over a mysterious treasure. As exciting as that is, what really has fans talking is a new island that’s dedicated to American rock band Weezer.

Screen capture from Fortnite GameSpot

The island can be found in Fortnite’s Creative Mode, where players are encouraged to create unique experiences that they can share with the community. The Weezer island prominently features the band’s “W” logo and is home to a jukebox that plays its songs. The island is designed to be a cross-promotional effort to plug Weezer’s newest record, The Black Album. Although the album is now widely available, it made its debut in Fortnite, which meant the game’s players were able to listen to the music earlier than anyone else.

This isn’t the first time Fortnite has partnered with big brands outside the gaming space. It previously cross-promoted Marvel and Disney’s “Avengers: Infinity War” by putting the movie’s villain, Thanos, in the game. It also recently held an in-game concert with DJ Marshmello, which proved to be very popular — developer Epic Games says Fortnite attracted 10.7 million players on the day of the concert, an all-time record for the game. It could be that Weezer fans will also be given the opportunity to attend a virtual concert, though Epic Games hasn’t confirmed this as of yet.

The greatest strength of video game sensation Fortnite is in how frequently it introduces new content to keep the game feeling fresh for its players. On a smaller scale, it does this with weekly challenges that allow players to unlock special items used to customize their appearance. On a grander scale, Fortnite has world events that significantly alter the play space.

Fortnite Season 8 is now underway and there’s a new Battle Pass available for players to purchase. The Battle Pass is what gives the game longevity by enticing players to work towards unlocking cool customization options. These include everything from character outfits, dances, music, and pets to take along on adventures.

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