West Nile Virus Concern

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-Dan Walker, Epidemiologist, Hamilton County,"We are starting to see mosquitoes test positive for West Nile Virus, that indicates the virus is being transmitted and that there is a risk to the human population".

Walker added that there have no human cases yet but recent heavy rain adds to the concern.

"Use mosquito repellent, the CDC have some repellents they recommend including DEET, iR3535 and Caradone".

Exterminators believe fighting the risk of West Nile needs to be a community effort.

Brad Ledford, Mosquito Squad Chattanooga,"Politely talk to your neighbors and ask them to help out with the standing water, like kids toys gathering water, tarps over boats, fire wood piles".

Ledford believes there’s also a risk for children returning to school sports.

"When they are out there playing if they are getting eaten alive, have them tell the coach have the coach do something about it or they can always call us."

Memorial Hospital experts tell News 12 the virus does not affect 60% of the population and for a remaining 25% who do get infected symptoms are not that severe.

Dr. Mark Anderson, Memorial Hospital,"Usually it is the very young or very old or elderly you can see neurological involvement more common in children and encephalitis or brain infection in the case of older adults".

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