Weston Wamp hosts fundraiser as mayoral election looms

Gov. Bill Lee, Mayor Glenn Jacobs endorse Wamp for Hamilton County Mayor

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — Republican nominee for Hamilton County Mayor Weston Wamp hosted a fundraiser earlier tonight.

With the general election coming in November, Wamp’s focus on public education hasn’t wavered, saying it “affects every aspect of life.”

“If we’ll invest in it, we’ll see our economy grow, we’ll see crime lowered in the years to come,” Wamp said. “We’re going to talk about what it looks like to implement a conservative vision that believes in and invests in every kid across our county with a specific emphasis on giving students, beginning in middle school and high school, an opportunity to pick a career.”

Gov. Bill Lee was also in attendance, having previously appointed the candidate to the Tennessee Board of Regents.

Wamp expressed his admiration for Lee, saying that the two prioritize people over politics.

“We care a whole lot more about the young people of this county than we do whatever political talking point,” Wamp said. “My hope from my service as county mayor is that that’s how we’ll get up in the morning and go to work is with a vision for affecting people’s lives in a positive way rather than getting caught up in the politics in the day.”

Both the governor and Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs voiced their support for Wamp.

Amid the challenges both the state and country face today, Lee called the local community “remarkable” and Wamp a “good man.”

“Yes, there [are] tremendous challenges and that’s why it really matters who leads,” Lee said. “That’s why Weston will be able to see those challenges for what they are and, hopefully, work with all of you to address those.”

“I cannot speak highly enough about Weston — that someone would base their campaign and their philosophy about uniting people instead of dividing people around things that we all believe in and that should be important to all of us I think speaks volumes for his character,” Jacobs said.

Wamp will face Democratic candidate Matt Adams in the race for Hamilton County Mayor.

Like Wamp, Adams also prioritizes investing in the county’s public schools.

He’s also a veteran of the United States Army.

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