Weston Wamp responds to rejection of Smedley election challenge

Republican committee hears her complaint Friday night by Zoom

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – The Tennessee Republican Party has rejected a bid by Sabrena Smedley to overturn the primary results for Hamilton County Mayor.

The state executive committee heard her challenge tonight in a Zoom meeting.

Smedley lost the nomination to Weston Wamp by less than a thousand votes.

She wanted the party to name her their nominee instead because of cross party voting by Democrats.

The Republican Primary was open, so is was legal for anyone to vote in it.

Tonight’s decision reaffirms Weston Wamp as the party’s candidate in November.

He took part in the meeting, and released this statement afterwards:


“The Republican State Executive Committee protected the rule of law this evening by overwhelmingly rejecting the baseless appeal of Sabrena Smedley and Matt Hullander. For that I am grateful, but let’s not make the mistake of whitewashing what just happened. This was not an inquiry to see if future primaries should be open or closed. This was a brazen attempt by my former opponents, Smedley and Hullander, to overturn a certified election in our county, something that has ever happened before and should not happen again. 

“In 2014, I narrowly lost a Republican Primary for Congress, but I held my head up, conceded and accepted the result. On May 3, I won a close election but despite a pledge in February to accept the result and support the winner, my two former opponents sought to overturn the election based on innuendo and conspiracy theories. I still do not understand why Smedley and Hullander attempted this, but they will always be remembered for it.

“Free society and self-government necessitate that candidates who lose elections do so gracefully. Although that did not happen in this historic mayoral election, we cannot normalize baseless attempts to overturn certified elections.

“Now, we can move on to the general election on August 4 with an opportunity to elect new leadership for the future of our county.

“Finally, on this Memorial Day weekend, let us honor the brave men and women who gave their ‘last full measure’ defending freedom.”

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