Westwood Elementary 4th Grade Rockets Reach For The Skies

DALTON,GA,(WDEF)-Reaching for the skies for Westwood students who spent weeks learning how to design rockets.

Jasmine Valencia, 4th Grader,"That If you don’t tie them fast the parachute won’t expand in mid air".

More than 20 students used science and engineering knowledge to make their rockets ready for launch.

For some students the best part isn’t actually making the rocket or launching it, it’s catching it when it falls right back down to earth.

Jay Anderson, 4th Grader,"I didn’t really think it was going to work at the first time because it didn’t work when i pushed the button".

For some 4th graders the rocket launch was a profound experience.

Will West, 4th Grader,"That air is pretty much controlling everything that human’s do".

Teachers from Westwood and City Park made sure all students were safe when dealing with the explosive charges.

Molly Carlson,Westwood Elementary School Teacher,"Fins fall off the most common thing is it doesn’t work and we have to get another engine".

Martha Thomason, Westwood Elementary School Teacher,"A Great time, it’s the first time we have worked with another school and it was the first time the kids got to collaborate with other kids from other elementary schools".

Dalton Fire Department oversaw all the launches which lasting nearly two hours.

Tolley Campbell, Dalton Fire Department,"Use caution under adult supervision if it’s dry like it is now and we have hadn’t had a lot of rain, hazard, that potential, make sure you have a water source, once again you are working with projectiles again watch the small children".

Not all of the rockets made it to outer space some ended up on the roof of Harmon field’s changing room.

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