WGU Scholarship Awarded

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) Local veteran Larry Lampman is going back to school.
Thanks to a scholarship aimed at people like him.

Most of us know about Governor Haslam’s Tennessee Promise that allows high school graduates to go to a community or technical college for two years for free, but there’s another part to his initiative.

Haslam’s Drive to 55 aims to get older adults to go back to school too and get higher education.

That’s what Western Governor’s University of Tennessee is for.

It’s competency based learning.

Chancellor Kimberly Estep says, "It’s web-based. All of our students have a faculty mentor who calls them every week and works with them on what they need to do with the courses, and how they need to prepare for each of the exams, and they walk the students through on a week by week basis so that they can complete a degree."

Lampman says, "You have to understand the subject that you’re taking and have a good knowledge of it, to be able to express what you’ve learned rather than just memorizing steps or facts."

School officials awarded Lampman with his scholarship Tuesday night at a meet up for students, mentors and alumni at Mojo Burrito in Red Bank.

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