What Role Will Partnership Play in Family Justice Center?

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – For decades Chattanoogans-in-crisis have looked to the Partnership for Families, Children and Adults.
It’s a non-profit group that deals with family violence, elder abuse, and even human trafficking.
But the city is busy building its new Family Justice Center at Eastgate Center, and the exact role of the Partnership is not clear.

The city’s goal is to offer those in crisis one-stop service when the new Family Justice Center is opened sometime this year at Eastgate Center.
But the Partnership for Families and Children, established 137 years ago, already offers most of the same services from its downtown location.
The question arises: what role will Partnership will play?

PATRICK NEUHOFF, BOARD CHAIRMAN, PARTNERSHIP "At our last meeting with them they told us they were still developing that, so I think it’s a little unclear from our perspective exactly what’s going to be in the building."

One thing that won’t be in the city-owned building is a crisis shelter like the one Partnerships, within walking distance of courts and other services downtown.

Although some Partnership and board members are said to be angry and disappointed over the way the project is shaping up, offering more services is still the goal.

REGINA JOHNSON MCDEVITT, SR. DIRECTOR OF CRISIS SERVICES "Any time someone is talking about domestic violence…offering something to victims..that’s a positive thing. "

PATRICK NEUHOFF " Personally, I believe that the more partners we have in this initiative working collaboratively..the better the outcomes."

VALERIE RADU , EXEC. DIR.,FAMILY JUSTICE CENTER "I understand the anxiety…absolutely. This is a change". "But Chattanooga has a history of doing a lot of innovative things" "..so that gives me hope that we’re going to figure this out and we’re going to move forward in a very positive way."

Valerie Radu says the Family Justice Center is a work in progress.

VALERIE RADU "I think we all have to continue to talk ..It’s important."

The Eastgate location for the Family Justice Center was questioned at first, but Radu says it was selected during focus group sessions held last year.

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