What’s the future of U.S. politics?

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- The Senate voted to acquit former President Donald Trump of inciting a deadly attack on the Capitol on January 6th.

With the Senate vote falling short of a two-thirds majority, the big question now, is where does politics go from here?

Mark Harrison president of Hamilton County pachyderm said it’s too soon to know what the acquittal will mean nationally.

“At the national level there’ll be a lot of questions asked and answered, that’s not my purview, so for me it’s yet to be determined,” said Harrison.

Chair of the Hamilton County Democratic Party Rodney Strong said he sees politics focusing back on the Biden administration.

“Battling the pandemic, getting the relief package through, I’m doing many other things he needs to do domestically to bring us back together on the important issues of the day,” said Strong.

Harrison said he doesn’t expect much change to the Republican Party in Hamilton County. He says the party will continue to stress the importance of what it stands for.

“My goal is to remind people of what the party believes in because the messages have been taken away from us. So I’m trying to remind us that we are the people’s party, we are the party of freedom from oppression, and that we are the party for anyone and everyone,” said Harrison.

“We are remaining focused and working towards the 2022 election. We are very much studying what Stacey Abrams was able to do in Georgia to model that here in Hamilton County,” said Strong.

Another step for what’s next is having people come out for their local city election.

“Like to get the message out to all the voters who turned out last November for the presidential election that this election on March 2 for the city of Chattanooga is as important as the election last November nationally,” said Strong.

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