What’s Right With Our Schools: Boyd Buchanan NeuroNet

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Movement can help get your mind ready to learn. Teachers at Boyd Buchanan are exploring the connections between our brains and bodies.

Julie Mathis provides academic support. She says, “The name of this program is is NeuroNet. And NeuroNet is a research-based neurological readiness program. It helps set up our brains to get students ready to learn. There’s lots of programs out there that work on just auditory skills and vision skills and physical skills, but NeuroNet is fantastic because it combines all those skills with the rhythmic movement to get us to be more on time and ready to learn. You can use different exercises with rhythmic movement to remap the brain. And to create more pathways.”

Brooks Hamby is a 4th grader.

He explains, “It wakes us up and gets us ready for the day, because sometimes the day can be all tiring. NeuroNet just helps us to wake up.”

Timia Singleton is also in 4th grade.

She adds, “It helps me to get ready with my day. And when I do it it just gives me exercise.”

Classmate Chris Taylor chips in, “Well, it helps me write faster, because I used to be really slow at writing, but now since I’ve been doing this and there are writing activities too, I’ve been able to practice on speeding up my writing, and being able to finish stuff that I usually wouldn’t be able to finish.

Julie concludes, “You know everything we do is we multitask, and when we are reading, writing, listening and what NeuralNet does is, it provides the students the opportunity to do a movement-based program, while they are using their auditory, their verbal and their physical skills too, all at one time, and so it helps us to practice what we want our brain to do. It’s to do those things and to map them and do it more at a quicker time. We want our children to be able to be on time. We want them to not to lag behind in their physical skills and their academic skills, and to be just ready to learn and read to show what they know, because they are all so bright.


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