What’s Right With Our Schools: E-I-H-I Induction at Howard School

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – A fresh group of freshmen at Howard High School have started a career path that will take them into the medical field. Over the next few years, the students will develop skill sets that are in very high demand.

Nina Deaton is the Future Ready Coordinator at Howard.

She says, “This was our 2021 induction ceremony here at the Howard school where we take ninth graders and Erlanger supplies scrubs for them to induct them into the Institute. We are known as Erlanger Institute of Healthcare and Innovation, also known as EIHI.

Waltkia Clay is a Junior at Howard.

She says,  This program is basically a medical program that gets us prepared for the medical field and certifies us for so many different things. This program means so much to me coming from a low poverty neighborhood. It gave me a chance to follow my dreams and follow the career that I want it. So, when I graduate high school I will be able to go right out of the 12th grade and work in a hospital.


Nina adds, “This tells them that they are part of this Institute and that we are starting this program in the ninth grade. That they will move up to all different courses and then they will have two pathways to be able to pick at the end of the 10th grade year. So ninth grade they take health science. 10th grade they take A and P. And then right before they hit the 11th grade they can choose medical diagnostics or medical therapeutics.


Student Dezurae Kinamore says, “I’m officially a certified CNA. I have been looking forward to this class for so long, because taking care of patients you know, helping them get well enough for their friends or family anything like that. I just love taking care of people.”


Nina adds,”We are teaching them how to have a career in healthcare. So starting off with the basics and moving on to you know specifics, and we are putting them in the directions they want to go and teaching them soft skills you know how to be a good employee ,and Erlanger helps us with that by sponsoring a mentorship program. So, we actually teach soft skills that Erlanger wants and their employees.


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