What’s Right With Our Schools: Harrison Bay Future Ready Program

HARRISON, TN (WDEF) – The Harrison Bay Future Ready center is building the architects, engineers and welders of tomorrow. The rest of America is taking notice.

Keith Bright teaches Architecture Desing at Harrison Bay Future Ready.

He says, “This is one of our most successful years. I’ve been doing this for around 15 years. I’ve had some good teams in the past. But this year we, last year, let me put it that way, we started out and Covid canceled the whole thing. I had a lot of disappointed students. They worked really hard on the products through November, December. We actually continued to meet online as a club.  We weren’t sure if it was really going to take place this year, but luckily they came out and said yes we are going to be holding a virtual.

Lily Staddon a Junior at Ooltewah says, “We didn’t know if it would actually compete this year. Like we were preparing that we would but we didn’t know. So we got the go ahead that we were competing really not that long before the competitions. So we just had a rush. It was hectic.”

Keith adds, “One thing is that the validation for their interest in their career. Kids are here they choose to be here because of engineering, architecture, welding that sort of thing. And so when they compete in one of those events and they chose and feels and they win. I mean that’s just validation for that student to stay in that career to move on and to pursue a lifelong career in engineering architecture.”

Lily chips in, “This one it was not just me I mean I‘m happy I have gold but it wouldn’t be without my teammates that I could have done it.”


Harrison Quarles is also a Junior at Ooltewah.

He says, “We had a couple of kids to win gold and bronze and silver, right? But you know they were one of the highest that we’ve ever won as a school, but overall it was a quick experience. It was a small time limit but we got it done and we won a couple of metals.”


Keith concludes, “My kids were ready. They had a lot of brushing up to do. But they had two years of pent-up energy for skills USA. One thing I want most for them (and they already have this) is that I want them to grow and share in this entire opportunity of skills USA. Cause… you know we all can’t be football players or cheerleaders. This gives us a place to belong. And it gave me a place to belong 35 years ago and, I’ve been given back ever since.”


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