What’s Right With Our Schools: Legacybox

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Technology is changing the way we remember things.Film and video tape are having to cross over the digital divide to be preserved for future generations. Students from Brainerd and East Ridge are helping along the way *and* making money doing it. Let’s take a look inside the Legacybox. Nick Macco is its co-founder.

He says, “Legacybox is one of the biggest companies in the world digitizing old home movies, photos, film. Customers send in their old media from all over the country, and we digitize it and send it all back to them on a new medium that they can watch. I think you know a big value to us is being a part of the community, and it’s something that has driven us for a long time, so I think this was a really good opportunity to where we can take students and provide them with work based learning. It helps support and gives back to the community that we feel an obligation to.

Zykerria Harris is a senior at Brainerd.

She says, “I like it because I’m only doing school two hours a day, and I don’t have to sit in school all day. It was something new from me. I never expected that I would be doing something like this.”

Mar Shona Robinson is also a senior at Brainerd.

She says, “It gives you more responsibility in life and prepares you for the adult life. That is why I like it, it helps get you there.”

Jeanette Tippett is the Future Ready coach at Brainerd.

She says, “We have 11 students. We have one junior and ten seniors participating from Brainerd High School. East Ridge also has eight students that are joining them, so the students do schoolwork at the Legacybox Academy lab in the mornings, and then they come out here in the afternoon and get to put in four hours and the workday and afternoons and learned this skill.”

Christopher James is the Executive President at Brainerd.

He says,”Because of the simple fact that the skills are there to learn here. They will transfer anywhere. One of the things about Legacybox and Southtree is that they believe in teamwork. And we all know that in any profession that we have to work on a team.”

Crystal Sorrells is the Principal at East Ridge.

She says,”The opportunity to earn money, the opportunity to do schoolwork and in personal work on a job, to learn soft skills, to learn skills needed for beyond graduation, this has just provided that opportunity.”

Nick concludes, “If the students can come out of here and complete their high school diploma, that is incredible. If they can come out of here with a job and earn a living and understand what pay skills, that is incredible. If we can layer onto that some of the life skills that you need to succeed in the world, I think that can be a really amazing thing for a lot of these students.”

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