What’s Right With Our Schools: Nancy Baxley, Signal Mountain High School

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN (WDEF) – Each year, the Tennessee Council for Social Studies recognizes exceptional teachers throughout the state. Nancy Baxley is a proud product of the Hamilton County School system. These days,  she’s a world class, World History teacher at Signal Mountain High School.

Nancy explains, “I am just somebody trying to inspire our kids to love history and use it to make the world better. I’ve been teased that I always like telling people what to do, but I really loved history and I enjoy learning, and put those two things together it makes four.”

She adds, “If you don’t know about the world that you live in it’s really hard to participate and make it better. Dr. Howard nominated me for the award for the Tennessee high school teacher, social studies teacher of the year. I tried in a non-Covid year to be very engaging. I start the year with a zombie apocalypse where students have a zombie apocalypse in the middle ages, and they have to decide which area of the world will best survive it based on the resources the government and the social structure have in place at the time of the middle ages.”

Juliana Medeiris is a Sophomore at Signal Mountain.

She says,  “Ms. Baxley is our AP world teacher and she is obviously very short and super nice.”

Classmate Jake Lowe adds, “We get a lot of information about history, and we get to learn it in a different way than some of the other classes and we just get to have fun while we are doing it.”

Tracy Haydon, is a Spanish Teacher at Signal Mountain.

Tracy says, “She comes up with so many interesting things for kids to do to act out historical events to think about different perspectives to think about the other side of something versus your side of something.”

Nancy concludes, “I like that every day is not the same. I like that I can prepare a lesson with a lot of fun and they can go really well. And the students have a great time and they learn. And that and that I can mix things up and you just never know what to expect. It’s always it’s never the same day twice. ”


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