What’s Right With Our Schools: At Practice with Howard Lacrosse

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – When it comes to uniquely American sports, nothing has been around longer than Lacrosse. When played right, it builds teamwork, toughness and it’s great exercise.

Ricky Jones is the Head Lacrosse Coach at Howard.

He says, “What we like to do is take them into the classroom first, and we give them an opportunity to see terminology on paper. Then we like to apply what we have learned on paper to the field.”

Christina Fischborn is a Senior at Howard.

She chips in, “One of the biggest things, especially when we practice, no matter what team I have been on, practice is always the biggest thing that pulls you ahead of everybody else. So, I think it’s important to practice. The more you get out here the more experience you’re going to have.”

Coach Jones says, “A lot of times you can see it right off. A lot of times they may get that lucky first shot, and then a couple more in, and you see we still have some fine tuning to do. This is the first season ever that they will be playing, and so it was important that we got started early so we could recruit enough that would play.”


Christina remembers, “At first I didn’t know what lacrosse was in the sixth grade, but my sister played goalie, and I thought I would try it out. So, I started off as defense. Then she had an injury, and so since I was the sister, I volunteered to hop in, since no one else wanted to.”

Coach Jones says, “We are still looking for funding to buy some more equipment, and so what I have to do is make sure that the drills that we do are safe enough for us to be doing them, without putting them in harms way. Now, we have gotten to the nitty-gritty though, because now we need the equipment to play, and so if you go to Donors Choose that is there city, and again call in the school ask for Dean Jones Ricky Jones, that right there will put me in direct contact with who you are. And how you can best benefit us and see how we can benefit you as well, because I’m sure within your support you are going to want to come and see what you support it.



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