What’s Right With Our Schools: Richard Hardy Driving Program

SOUTH PITTSBURG (WDEF) – Deadly accidents should have decreased during the pandemic. They didn’t. One big reason: Distracted Driving. Students at Richard Hardy Memorial School recently received a high tech lesson that could save their lives.

Clay Martin is the Tour Manager for the National Save A Life Tour.

He says, “What our similarities do is that we give people a chance to save for themselves. So, we don’t have to tell them things that they already know. I tried to convince them of things. We put them in the situation and then they just get to find out.”

Trent Hill is a Junior at Richard Hardy Memorial.

He says, “When you just hit that part, you know it’s just over. You can’t go all over correct or correct much, and you just crash.”

Clay chips in, “It’s obvious, but it’s something we forget about. Busy day, day-to-day lives we try to take care of things. That is the whole point of this program is we know what’s important but we forget why it’s important. So, we’ve kind of shined spotlight on it the best we can.”

Trent agrees, ” It definitely puts into perspective, like when you’re driving it definitely shows you that this is no joke. Like, even if you think you are OK, will you really aren’t. Like you, you definitely see what it is like to be impaired when you’re driving.”

Corey Palmer with Matrix Entertainment says, “I was just hoping that they get a real life experience without actually having to go through a terrible situation themselves. Driving in itself is multitasking. You are constantly paying attention to other things around your vehicle that you don’t control, but you have to watch out for, and you just add it one more thing into the mix.”

Clay adds, “Everyone talks about distracted driving and thinking the cell phone and that is a huge part, but I always make sure to emphasize that if it’s not driving it is a distraction.  So, eating, smoking, your friend in a car, a crying baby in the backseat, all are distractions from what you need to be doing which is focusing on driving.

Corey concludes, “I think as long as we get to one person, I feel like it is really worthwhile. I hope that everyone takes it in, but you can’t always be, you know, that fruitful.”


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