What’s Right With Our Schools: Dalton Academy Named AP Capstone School

DALTON, GA (WDEF) –  In the hyper-competitive world of College admissions, being able to say you took the most rigorous course load your high school had to offer is crucial. At Dalton Academy, that distinction will also earn you an A-P Capstone Diploma.

Matthew Mederios is the Principal at Dalton Academy.

He says, “Recently the college board recognized the Dalton academy as an official AP Capstone School. So that is super exciting news for us and for our students.”

Mederios adds, ” It’s going to allow our students the opportunity to earn an AP Capstone Diploma, which is it’s one of the most rigorous college prep programs that students can go through, and it’s going to really help them stand apart in the college applications process.”

Ninth grader Diego Santana says, “When I was signing it, I was just like thinking of the things I was going to do in the future, and like the stuff I would study and like further on in my life, and how that would go for me.”

Assistant Principal Josh Deslattes adds, “Being able to offer the AP Capstone Program is really going to separate our students from the other schools around here. It is a selective program. We had to apply to become a part of it. AP, to me, is a great program because of its flexibility. It is not isolating. Students who participate in AP, still have the flexibility in their schedule to do dual enrollment, to do work based learning. And they can also pick content areas that they have their strengths in. So, you don’t have to be AP across the board. If you’re a strong language arts and science student, then we can offer you AP specifically in those content areas.”

Ninth Grader Arely Hernandez chips in, “That was amazing, because I got to get excited for my future. And I’m excited because this Capstone Program is a step further into, well, my career.”

Principal Mederios concludes, “Having that AP capstone diploma in hand, and they’re filling out the the common application for colleges, to be able to check the box one of the questions they’re going to be asked is, ‘Did you participate in the most rigorous academic program at your high school?’ You want to check yes to that and, and then another question is, ‘Did you participate in the AP Capstone Diploma Program?’ And if you can check yes to that, your application is going to bubble up to the top.”




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