What’s Right With Our Schools: East Lake Elementary Soaring to Success

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Setting a goal is the first step to success, but staying motivated along the way is just as important. Students and teachers at East Lake Elementary receive recognition for every benchmark they hit.

Jasmine Farrow is the Principal at East Lake.

She remembers, “Over the summer we met with the leadership team, and we talked about root causes of our test scores, and we determined that we had not done a good job of motivating our students, and so we came up with our ‘Soaring to Success’ plan with our two academic coaches where we are monitoring and goal setting with students from benchmark one to two to three throughout the year, and every time we get data back we dress up in glittery attire. We put out the red carpet, and we have an event to celebrate our students meeting their goals.”

Principal Farrow continues,  “And our teachers were also recognized for having the most growth in their grade level or overall grades three through five.”

Allison Vaughn is a teacher at East Lake.

She says, “I think this ceremony also motivates the teachers because we work so hard getting these kids ready. So it really makes us proud, really shows us that we have also worked hard alongside these children. I feel like we are all motivated by each other, even just the collaboration between the teachers here encouraging others.”


Principal Farrow adds, “We had a lot of community partners, one was Olivet Baptist Church who donated bicycles for our top prize that we will have in April, for the students who made the most growth from benchmark one to benchmark three.”

She concludes, “Being the first year principal, I feel that everybody is on board with our vision and mission here and our motto of community caring and growth so this is how we are reaching that goal of making growth. What I want them to know is to believe in high expectations. If we set them and treat our students like they can reach them every day, they will not disappoint us.”



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