What’s Right With Our Schools: Howard Leadership Exchange Program

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Knowing each other is the cornerstone of a strong community. That’s the idea behind the Leadership Exchange Program at Howard High. Students from several area schools are taking part, and it can be a real eye-opener.

Dr. Charles Mitchell is the Vice Principal at Howard.

He explains, “So this is our leadership exchange program that we have with Baylor and Ivy academy. They’re showcasing our best practices, our Future Ready Institutes, and then also just the things that have changed our climate and culture here.”

He continues, “Here at Howard we have a lot of great things going on. It’s one thing to see things from the outside but it’s another thing to come in and experience our school on the inside.”


Allsion Hutchinson is a Sophomore at Ivy Academy.

She found out, “You can go to like career school here, and it’s welding, and I feel like the opportunity here that I couldn’t get at Soddy or going to regular school.”


Uriyah Stegall is a Senior at Baylor.


Uriyah adds, “I think it’s really cool how they have cosmetology classes and culinary classes. I feel like it offers the students a lot and they’re really learning like how to succeed outside the classroom which is important.”

Linda Cooke is the Director of Student Diversity and Development at Baylor.

She adds, “I think it’s important period for our kids to come outside of the community, and to see that their are kids just exactly as them, and they have the same goals.

Dr. Mitchell expands on that idea.

He says, “So, it shows our kids at Howard right, that it’s more than just Howard right. It shows that you have to interact and you have to get to know other kids that are in our community; different walks of life social economic status etc. ”

Jamaal Macon Junior is a senior at Howard.

He says, “What I love about this sustainable program is, that we get to talk to students from different different schools and what I look at as different environments. We also get an environment of what we need to add in our school, and what, what some stuff that they wanted some stuff that we wanted. So, it’s kind of good to also build those connections among  each other.”

Tawambi Settles from Baylor School adds, “You can see from the highway the changes that are going on on this campus, right. You know something is going on, but it’s really good to come in and see and witness what’s going on, because they are preparing you all for the future.”

David Bennett is a Junior at Ivy Academy.

He says, “I am grateful to be able to have learned everything about the Howard community here.”

Dr. Mitchell concludes, “And everything that is going on and that’s what it’s about at the end of the day, right, and you’re learning diversity, you’re learning inclusion, and you’re also learning to be a better community member a better citizen in society as well.”


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