What’s Right With Our Schools: Morning Music at Chattanooga High Center for Creative Arts

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Talent takes center stage early and often at the Chattanooga High Center for Creative Arts. In fact, beautiful live music is part of the morning routine at CCA. It’s a melodious example of what’s right with our schools.

Vincent Hale is the Dean of Fine Arts at CCA.

He explains, “So morning music is an opportunity for our students to be able to showcase their talents for their peers in a less formal environment. It is supposed to be like a coffee shop vibe. So, students are coming in. They are still able to talk and all of that type of deal. So, they can also get used to the performance industry. People might not necessarily pay attention all of the time, but what we want to do is prepare them in all aspects.”


Mariana is in 8th grade. She says, “Basically, what morning music does, it lifts you up, it brings up a good mood and helps you go throughout your day with something to smile about. It’s instrumental, music, dance, vocal, something to help you go through your day.”

7th grader Kennedi Boyland chips in, “It really embraces everybody’s, everybody’s differences, everybody’s talent. And morning music just allows people to really show it.”

10th grader Carter McKissick, “It is such a cool way to start everything, because you show up and as soon as you walk in, there a creative atmosphere of creativity, that gets me excited to do the creative things that I am going to be able to do throughout the day.”

10th grader Emmy Champion says, “It just shows me why me, why I am here, and it shows me these are these are talented people that I just get to go to school with. Like, I go to normal classes with these people. We have such great talent.”

Vincent Hale concludes, “What happened was, last year there was a student who played piano, and another student just put down his books and started dancing, and our principal was like, ‘We need to make this a regular thing.’ So, we built this stage and put the stage in the commons. It has become a ritual that we do at least twice a week. I want them to know that this is special. That being at our school is not like any other school. That they get to participate and experience life transformational opportunities, and to be able to stand in front of their peers, and receive what you are doing, it is really, really important, and to know that the arts really can change the world.”



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