What’s Right With Our Schools: Nolan Elementary’s Laura Dowd

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, TN (WDEF) – A lifelong love of reading can begin with a good librarian. Nolan Elementary School certainly has one. In fact, Laura Dowd is the Hamilton County Librarian of the year.

Laura explains, “It’s absolutely, absolutely is a huge honor. Again, I’m shocked because we have some powerhouse librarians across this county. I was shocked, but I’ll tell you librarians had a hard year. and it’s really nice to be recognized, really nice. Librarians, we worked really hard, and we actually see all the students of Hamilton County. We’re going to have first grade here, going to third grade here, and we’re going to give each other compliments on our time together.”

Lindie Roden is the Assistant Principal at Nolan Elementary.

She says, “Ms. Dowd is one of the most dynamic and energetic librarians I’ve ever worked with. I’ve worked over 20 years in Hamilton County schools, and I’ve never worked with the librarian like Miss Dowd. She strives every day to energize the children and get them excited about reading; excited about all of her curriculum. She involves STEM in creative projects and digital citizenship as well and Internet safety.”

Laura puts it this way, “I teach 1000 classes a year, I certainly do, and so that’s how we start each class. So, it’s a nice ritual for us to all get calm, get quiet, get ready to listen and ready to learn.”

She concludes, “Reading does have the power to change lives, has power to open minds, has the power for you to learn on your own and pursue your own interests and strengths. And isn’t that what school is all about? Figuring out what you’re good at? Figuring out what you’re interested in. I love learning, that’s what gets me excited. It’s what inspires me, learning and to be able to pass that love of learning onto students, what there’s no better gift. Miracles are happening every day in Hamilton County Schools. I believe in us. I believe in the public school mission. And again, really happy to be here doing this job. It is nice to be validated.”

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