What’s Right With Our Schools: Reach One Teach One

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – It’s never too late to make a positive change in your community. After serving more than 7 years behind bars, Reginald Yearby has dedicated his life to helping students through the Reach One Teach One tutoring program.

Reginald remembers, “It all came to me maybe 14–15 years ago when I was incarcerated. I am a convicted felon and an ex-drug dealer. So, I served 90 months in the federal penitentiary. While in the penitentiary, I wanted to figure out how I could give back to the community that I harmed while selling narcotics. I came up with Reach One Teach One, and the theory behind that is, if I can reach one he will go tell a friend and the cycle begins. So, he would bring his friend back, and we were reaching and teaching the whole community. Last semester, we got them into coding, financial tutoring, public speaking. They get to meet a variety of community leaders in our community. They come to their table. To learn with us looks a little different. The kids ask the questions. So, therefore, they have to be able to spell. They have to be able to write the questions. They also have to be able to speak properly.”

Elijah Bulloch is a 6th grader.

He says, “I like coming here a lot because it helps boost your confidence and how they speak to you. They have you to learn new things like every day. So, yeah it is something really important.”

Reginald adds, “Man we have kids from all walks of life. I mean we have them coming from Soddy Daisy all the way from East Brainerd, and we want to be able to just get the kids in as a whole so they can see what he looks like, what she looks like, and help them to try to break some of the generational gaps and curses that we have inside of our community.”

Ezell Jinks is a coach in the program.

Ezell remembers,  “He put me right in there like, ‘Hey, I need some help with these kids these units. I’ve got a lot of them. I have different age groups. What can you do?’ And I had no experience whatsoever in coaching, just to throw that in, but at the same time I learned during that time period and built a relationship with these kids. They are pretty cool kids.”

Reginald concludes, “It’s not about me. It is about us as a community. So, anybody who want to grab a hold, come in and sit down. Got something they want to share with the kids? We are an open door.”




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