What’s Right With Our Schools: Red Bank Roar Night

RED BANK, TN (WDEF) – After going virtual last year, Red Bank High School recently welcomed the community back for Roar Night! It gives folks a chance to see some of the wonderful and innovative projects that students are working on. Lion pride was on full display.

Courtney Brown is the Librarian at Red Bank High School.

She explains, “So, Roar Night is a night that we use to exhibit all of our great student works that we have been doing through the year. So, you will see some great exhibits with, for example Math where they have taken different images and they have plugged in for equations. You will see microscopes, and the students will show you how to look through the viewfinder. You will see some commercials with our entrepreneurial-ship class. So we have all of our subjects are displayed throughout the school tonight.


Ms. Brown continues, “We have been doing this for 5 years I believe, 5 or 6 years. Last year was different. So, what we did, we created a virtual museum where anyone could obviously join virtually and walk through the museum, if you will, and every room was set up by a different subject.”


Janarea Daylig is a Senior at Red Bank.

She adds, “It’s just better because, I believe that more people actually showed up. So like, Roar Night last year wasn’t really like, as big as it is today.”

Ms. Brown concludes, “It is wonderful to have people back in our building. Not only just socially, so that they can get to know each other again and be with their peers, but also that they can just experience school again; and we all can, and this night really lets us showcase all of the good work that our kids do. We open it to the community, and it is just great for people to be able to come to the school and see what we are doing, because it has been kind of a closed setting for so long. So, it is great to just be able to open that up for everyone again.



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