What’s Right With Our Schools: Richard Hardy Memorial School Formal Closet

SOUTH PITTSBURG, TN (WDEF) – Getting all dressed up can be the first step in an enchanted evening, but tuxedos and formal gowns are often accessorized with an expensive price tag. Richard Hardy Memorial is home to a closet where money doesn’t matter.

Laci Boston-Reed is the Family Resource Director at Richard Hardy.

She explains, “We have opened up a formal wear closet, which gives students that would like to go to the dance and more, opportunity of having the dresses, the ties, the shoes, the things they wouldn’t think of; that may be either hard to come by, or those last little things that they forget. They have the opportunity of coming in my office with to be able to go through on their own time of what they may need even if it’s something that isn’t a big deal to everyone else.”

She continues, “It’s more than just going to the dances. You’re able to have that business top wear; your formal wear to go out for job interviews and such. So, it goes beyond a dance.

Sharon Newcom is the Superintendent of Schools for Richard Hardy Memorial.

She says, “This is much needed for our not just our school our county. Our kids need so much, and they deserve everything that we can give them. It’s just that acceptance so that they don’t feel different. They shouldn’t they’re all special. Every single one of them are special. And they need to know that. And I think this is a great way to level that playing field.”


Paula Lacy is the Special Education Supervisor at Richard Hardy.

She says, “Eventually, you know, we hope that it’s not just Richard Hardy Memorial School that reaches out to us. You know maybe it’ll be somebody at, at South Pittsburg or Marion County that, you know, they just don’t have the funds to go get it, and maybe we can help them out as well. What people can do is just any of their formal wear such as the dresses for prom, or you know the dress-up outfit or attire for the boys, can just bring those in, drop them off at the office. Little princess dresses for the little ones, for the Daughter – Daddy dance, we’re accepting those as well. It’s not really typically on the flyer, but we are accepting those as well. Then we’ll bring it back into this room. Lacey will take it, and kind of separate it out; like shirts pants ties the whole works. I believe that there’s probably other people out there, that if they know about this, you know they will be ready to donate. They can send that into us at 1620 Hamilton Avenue South Pittsburg Tennessee 37380 attention Lacy Boston, or myself Paula Lacy, and I will go ahead and throw ahead and throw there pitch out here too. If you want to just send a donation in, we’re glad to do that. We don’t care to give you a receipt and say, ‘Thank you so much’.”


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