What’s Trending? Beatles Producer George Martin, Lilly Wachowski, & BB8 Sings!

Beatles producer George Martin has died at age 90. Martin’s management says he died “peacefully at home yesterday evening.” Martin produced some of the most popular and influential Beatles albums of modern times – “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,” ”Revolver,” ”Rubber Soul” and “Abbey Road.” He won six Grammys and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1999. He was also knighted.

The guys behind “The Matrix” are now girls. Lilly Wachowski, born Andrew, issued a statement to Windy City Times saying “sex change shocker, Wachowski Brothers are now Sisters.” IMDB has already noted Lilly’s change. Larry Wachowski, transitioned to Lana back in 2012.

40 million people in three time zones took in last night’s total eclipse. The rare phenomenon across parts of Southeast Asia happened when the moon moved in front of the sun– casting a shadow on the ground. In some places, the total solar eclipse lasted four minutes. Mark August 21, 2017 on your calendar. That will be the first time in 30-years millions in the U-S will get to experience a total eclipse.

EA continues to roll out free content for fans of the game “Star Wars Battlefront.” After the addition of the Battle of Jakku, EA just added a Survival Mission Rebel Depot on Tatooine and a Survivors of Endor map that is playable in the Walker Assault, Turning Point and Supremacy modes.

BB-8 took a break from filming Star Wars Episode VIII last night to make an appearance on the Late Late Show. Bandleader Reggie Watts introduced BB-8, who he’s been collaborating with on some music. The two performed a song. Watch the video to hear a sample.

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