What’s Trending? Fable Legends Cancelled, Pre-Peeled Oranges, & a Garbage Truck Crash

Sportscaster Erin Andrews prevailed in her lawsuit over a secretly recorded nude video that a stalker took of her in a hotel room and posted online. The jury in Nashville awarded Andrews $55-million after about a day of deliberations. The jury found the stalker responsible for 51% of the verdict and the two hotel companies should share the rest, which is nearly $27 million.

The Florida Highway Patrol has released footage of the moment a garbage truck fell from interstate 95. Kaseem Smith was driving the City of Miami garbage truck, when he lost control, and hit a concrete barrier. The garbage truck fell 100-feet off the side of I-95, and landed in a park. Troopers say it’s an absolute miracle no one lost their life.

Some oranges have people seeing red on social media. So much so, its prompted Whole Foods to act. A picture, first posted on Twitter, went viral. It shows packages of pre-peeled oranges sitting in plastic containers at the food store. After thousands of retweets and rants, Whole Foods tweeted it was a mistake and pulled the protect. In the tweet, Whole Foods promised to leave the oranges “in their natural packaging.”

Dolly Parton is trotting out her biggest hits — and some new music — and taking them on the road! The music legend has announced her biggest North American tour in 25 years, hitting more than 60 cities.
She also plans to release a double-disc album. Disc one will contain new music, while disc-two will be filled with her biggest hits. Tour dates are to be announced.

Microsoft caught gamers off guard with the revelations that it’s cancelling “Fable Legends.” The game had already started beta play and was intended to have a five-year life cycle on Xbox One and Windows 10. Now, Microsoft may shut down the games developer, Lionhead Studios, too. “Fable Legends” would have been the eighth game in the “Fable” franchise.

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