What’s Trending? Peyton Manning, SNL, Gaga’s Polar Plunge, & Zootopia

Peyton Manning is going out a champion. The 39-year-old quarterback will announce his retirement at 1:00pm today. In 18 seasons, Manning compiled two Super Bowl championships and dozens of passing records. He turns 40 later this month.

Saturday Night Live had a field day with Chris Christie. Appearing as Donald Trump, Darrell Hammond ripped Christie in a skit, playing off on Christie’s strange appearance hovering behind Trump during his Super Tuesday victory speech. SNL then went on to mock Mitt Romney.

The next solar eclipse takes place between Tuesday and Wednesday… but we won’t be able to see it. The eclipse will be visible to people living along an area of the Pacific Ocean… like Indonesia, Australia, China, Japan and Hawaii and Alaska. On average, we experience a solar eclipse somewhere on earth twice a year.

Lady Gaga hanging out on a beach and then going swimming would not be that big of a deal… unless it’s Chicago and it’s March. Gaga and her fiance’, “Chicago Fire” actor Taylor Kinney, were among a group who jumped into Lake Michigan as part of a fundraiser for Special Olympics. The air temperature was about 40 degrees, which was positively balmy compared to last year, when Lady Gaga and Kinney took the polar plunge in 20-degree weather.

“Zootopia” scores Walt Disney Animation Studios’ largest three-day opening ever. The new film earned over $73-million this weekend, taking the record from “The Lorax” for the best March animated opening.  “London Has Fallen” opened a distant second with $21 million, while “Deadpool” finished third with another $16 million, putting its total haul at more than $311 million.

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