Whitefield Police Department unveils Tater Tree Monument

The Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office remembers the life of a pediatric cancer patient tonight.

7-year-old Gabriel ‘Tater’ Singleton passed away earlier this year.

He was an honorary deputy  the Sheriff’s Office before his death.

Tonight friends and family came together to celebrate Tater’s life.

“He wanted to come up here, and regardless of how he was feeling, even if he was in pain or anything. ‘Mommy I have to go to work, I have to visit my friends you know they need me’ and even if I would object he woulds say ‘No I have to go,’ and we would bring him every time he came over here it was always the best day ever,” says the mother of ‘Tatar’, Lulu Singleton.

The Dalton Police Department organized the donation of a tree in Tater’s memory.


Source: Facebook

Officers hope that tree is the first of many tree dedications to honor fallen law enforcement officers across Georgia.

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