Whitfield County EMA hold first Place of Worship Safety seminar

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF)- The Whitfield County Emergency Management Agency provided it’s first Place of Worship Safety seminar, to help people in crisis situations.

Emergency Management Coordinator, Christina Byrd, says Welcome Hill Baptist Church reached out to the EMA back in March to see how they can stay safe in a crisis situation.

Whitfield County EMA provided training for mass care sheltering, disaster psychology, and active shooter training.

There will also be safety seminars in the future for businesses.

She said the church was ahead of the curve, because all of this was set up for the increase in gun violence, so they are prepared for worst case scenario.

“With everything going on lately, I think there could be more interest but it was so exciting to see that interesting place. I’ve been safety minded since I was a child. So, it was very encouraging to see people not need a trigger to take a training like that,” said Byrd.

If you would like to register your business for the safety seminar, you can contact the Whitfield County EMA.

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