Whitfield County holds a phone-a-thon to get us ready for the next big storm

“We want our citizens to be prepared for any kind of inclement weather that comes in whether it be you know a flood a tornado…”

The Whitfield County Emergency management team is answering phones….updating residents personal information….all to ensure they’re ready for the dangers severe weather can bring.

“Every second counts…in a tornado. So the sooner you get the notifications the more ways you have to you receive the notifications the more likely you are to get them in time to get to safety.”

Code Red Weather Warning sends notifications about potential weather dangers.

Amy Cooley – EM Specialist

“They can sign up, they can update, they can change their cell phone number, sign up for text messages alerts and they’ll receive any emergency notification messages that Whitfield County sends out as well as weather warning notifications that will be just specific for their address.”

Emergency Management Director Claude Craig advises people to have a plan in place.

“You’ve got to have a plan of action.”

“This time of year…this season its tornado season we like to see people go to the center most room on the lowest floor of their house and gather there.”

“The things that’s hurting people and killing people is the flying debris that hits them in the head. So therefore we recommend going to home depot or Lowes or your hardware store and spend $5-10 on a hardhat.”

Craig also advises people to have water
non pershisbale food and a flashlight

“Be smart. Take part and prepare.”

In Whitfield County, Alexandria Adams, News 12 NOW.

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