Whitfield County Prepare-A-Thon

Whitfield County (WDEF)- Don’t Wait. Communicate.
That was the theme at the Whitfield County Prepare-A-thon event that took place at the Home Depot in Dalton Saturday morning.

"We always have a kids safety day in October of every year and this year Emergency Management always is part of that and this year we joined up with Emergency Management to do the disaster preparedness."

Booths were set up with valuable information on ways people can be prepared before..during and after a disaster strikes. Claude Craig is a Whitfield County Emergency Management Director. He explained some of the booths that were set up.

"First responders, we’ve got law enforcement, we’ve got fire, we’ve got forestry, smokey the bear is here."

Residents could stop and talk with more than a dozen organizations to learn more on safety in the household and ways to develop a plan for their family in the event of a hazard.

"We just want the public to know what to do in the case of an emergency. We sell a lot of products in our stores that they can use in their homes for disasters."

The Whitfield County Fire Department was one of the organizations represented at the event.
Firefighters were on hand to stress the importance of smoke detectors in homes as well.

"Smoke detectors are the first line of defense for any house. Every house should have at least one to two working smoke detectors. And one thing we preach this time of year is with the time change to change the batteries in your smoke detectors."

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