Whitfield County Teacher Resigns, Facing More Charges

WHITFIELD COUNTY, Georgia (WDEF) – The Whitfield County School system says they are working with the Sheriff’s Office in their investigation of their teacher who may have had a sexual relationship with a student.

The Sheriff’s Office is conducting the investigation. This week we learned Raquel Spencer was facing drug charges. 

The Sheriff’s Office says that in concluding the initial investigation involving the teacher, officials found out she was also romantically involved with a student at Northwest High School.

Communications Specialist for Whitfield County Schools Eric Beaver says they are working with the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office on this case involving former teacher Raquel Spencer. With their assistance, the student was able to be identified and interviewed.

As a result of the investigation, officials say it was determined that the teacher is currently involved in a sexual relationship with a male student and that relationship has been ongoing for about one year.

Spencer will be charged with sexual assault by persons with supervisory or disciplinary authority.

The school district says she has turned in her letter of resignation.

Eric Beavers says, “safety is a top priority. It is embedded in our mission and our beliefs.”

Mary Smith has worked almost two decades with the Family Support Council who has educated thousands of people about child abuse prevention. They are still working to educate the community and she says that cases like this boil down to a matter of trust.

Smith says, “It’s really difficult when you have like a 14 or 15-year-old and they have absolutely fallen head over heels with an adult… Whether it’s a teacher whether it’s a somebody in the church or a coach or whatever. The people who pray on children are master manipulators and they have room that child to believe that they are doing the right thing.”

Beavers reassures parents that, “We want to be sure that students are safe always. Psychologically safe, physically safe and we will continue working to make sure that they are safe and we are working with the sheriffs department now to see if there is anything we need to handle on the school side of things”

The Whitfield County School System says they want their parents to continue to trust that they are doing what’s best for their students.

Mary Smith believes, “We trust… Particularly at think into churches or schools or wherever else, we really trust the people that are there. When we have that much stress then sometimes we let things go that might have been a little inkling that something is not quite right. ”


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