Whitfield County Waiting On State To Clean Up Tire Dump

      Whitfield County officials hope the state will finally clean up a huge tire dump located near Tunnel Hill. It took the owner of property on Lake Kathy Rd. just a few months to collect more than 7,000 tires on his property.
      The county was notified about the tire dump one year ago, and now it appears the state may be ready to come in and clean it up.  Whitfield County Commissioner Mike Babb says they just wrote a check for nearly 120 thousand dollars to the Georgia Solid Waste trust fund.  That’s a fund that all counties pay into to help cover cleanup costs throughout the state.
       But Babb says the system is inefficient.
       "If we’d been able to withhold $10,000 of that locally, we could have already had this problem taken care of. If we held any of those funds locally we could have cleaned this problem up a year ago instead of 13 months later."
       The dump has also been a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  The City of Dalton has been helping the county by spraying the site with their mosquito truck about once a week.
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