Whitfield County warns residents about their new property evaluations

Notices going out this week show a spike in home evaluations that your property tax is based on

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – Whitfield County officials are warning that the new property appraisals going out this week may shock a lot of home owners.

But don’t panic.

It doesn’t (necessarily) mean your property tax is going up.

The Assessors Office says the booming housing market has probably sent your property value way up.

Home Sales

But the assessment is just the first step in the tax process.

In August, your local county commission and school board will set the actual millage rate. They can lower it, so the readjustment of your property value does not actually increase your tax.

State law requires counties to re-evaluate to reflect real-world property values, but forbid forbids counties from automatically using the “adjustment” to raise taxes.

So your county officials will have to actually approve (vote on) any tax hike.

This year’s property evaluations have been particularly dramatic because of the housing market boom.

Walker County is going through the same whiplash effect for property owners now, after sending out their evaluations before leaders vote on this year’s millage rates.

Here is the press release that Whitfield County is sending out now with the new evaluations (with info on how you can appeal your evaluaton).

Press Release Jul_1_2022_Tax_Assesor

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